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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Portrait Drawing Demo

Here are a few photos from my portrait drawing demo at my school opening!

Talking about Form and Cast shadows

The importance of looking at your work in a mirror, also good for checking out how good you look ;) There is a story there for sure....

How our eyes fool us all the time with this optical illusion 

And the magic bowl for warding of aliens and showing form light and highlights

So shiny!

The model may need a break but I keep going, or sometimes it's time to take over and do it all, model, draw, and fly the airplane home

Using mats with holes in them to isolate value and compare them. Light on the chin compared to forehead, which is lighter??

How the placement of the ear relates to the tilt of the head. Or what is this thing on my head, it was not there this morning?

Check out these stylish shoes from the good people at Industry of All Nations

Wrapping it all up and signing up the masses!

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