Noah Layne

Monday, September 27, 2010

Landscape Studies from Galiano Island

I was over on Galiano Island over the weekend for a wedding.  It's been a rainy September here for the most part but we had wonderful weather this weekend.  I managed to do a couple of short landscape studies.  It's very peaceful and quiet on Galiano which makes it's a very restful place to paint :)

 This colour study was painted on the Bluff over looking active pass.

My setup on the Bluff.  Notice the water bottle attached to my easel to keep it from blowing over in the wind ;)
 A study of some sandstone rocks on the east side of the island.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Random drawings

Here are a few recent drawings and studies.

I did a 2 hour drawing demo for a local art store yesterday.  I always have fun when I'm demoing, in someways it like a performance which is a change from working quietly away in my studio ;)

This is a very quick 25 minute study of someone I am thinking of doing a painting of.  When I meet new people that I may use in a painting I like to do 2 quick studies of them.  One profile and one front on so I get to know and understand a little of the three dimensional quality of their head and face.  This helps me when I'm thinking about a painting composition.

Here is a small 20 minute life drawing that I did the other day.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Finished Lemon Painting

Here is an image of my finished lemon painting as well as a few detail shoots.  If you click on the images you get a bigger view.

Finished painting
Detail 1

Detail 2

It's always interesting to me to think about the light a painting may end up in or may be shown in.  I work with north light or at night with full spectrum florescent lights, lighting my painting as I'm working on it.  When it's shown in a gallery with hot and warm halogen or incandescent light the painting can look a bit (or a lot) different then when I'm painting it.  I've been trying to make sure I look at my painting under stronger lighting at times as I'm working on it to see how it looks in this light.

Of course whoever ends up buying the painting will probably have different lights as well....  I'm also always curious to see how my paintings look on different computer monitors.  I edit an image to look good on what I'm using but never know how it will look on others screens...   Ah, the life of an image maker is an interesting one!