Noah Layne

Monday, September 27, 2010

Landscape Studies from Galiano Island

I was over on Galiano Island over the weekend for a wedding.  It's been a rainy September here for the most part but we had wonderful weather this weekend.  I managed to do a couple of short landscape studies.  It's very peaceful and quiet on Galiano which makes it's a very restful place to paint :)

 This colour study was painted on the Bluff over looking active pass.

My setup on the Bluff.  Notice the water bottle attached to my easel to keep it from blowing over in the wind ;)
 A study of some sandstone rocks on the east side of the island.


  1. nice! I use a bungee cord hooked to my backpack and suspend that from the hook at the bottom of my tripod to help keep it upright in the wind.

  2. Good idea Peter :)
    The water bottle doesn't really help much if there is a major wind! I still have a scare on my hand where my easel blew over and fell onto the back of my hand in NY... it give me something to remember the fellowship..haha