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Monday, February 7, 2011

New paintings

Here are a couple of recent paintings.

"Fall Apples" Oil on panel 20"x24"

In Fall Apples I was thinking a little about Claudio Bravo.  I remember reading many years ago about some of his still life paintings from the 70's? when he was influenced by some zen ideas.  If I remember correctly he was painting rocks on a white table.  They were just scattered and placed randomly on the table.  I liked the idea that there are beautiful relationships in any grouping of things. 

Of course I've not got to the part where I'm just randomly placing things in my still life setups but I like the thought. :)
When I think of drawing or painting peoples faces, I'm reminded that even though there are people who have features and proportions to their face that are more easily recognized to our eye as beautiful every face has its own unique beauty and rhythm to its shapes.

In Fall Apples I also used one strong light source as well as a softer light that was not coming from the same direction as the main spotlight.  It was interesting to work with this light.

"Onions and Garlic"  Oil on linen 14"x30"
 In Onions and Garlic I was back to using just one light source on my setup.

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