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Monday, December 5, 2011

New drawing

Here is a recent study. I did this study in a 2 hour live sitting, then  I worked on the drawing for a few hours afterward, refining some of the shading and other things.  

When I'm thinking about trying to use someone in a painting, I often do a few drawings of them to start to get an idea of how they look.  When I'm drawing someone it gives me a chance to really look and examine their face and get to know it in a different way then when I'm just talking and seeing them in normal life.  One of the things I love about drawing and all art is a quest for a simple truth.  The truth of the shape of someone's nose, how all a person's features relate to each other in a very beautiful way, a pattern all their own.   

After doing some study drawings of someone I may come up with a composition in which I can paint them or I may just let the knowledge of their face sit at the back of my mind and I may come up with a composition in a year or more.

Graphite on white paper 16x15

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