Noah Layne

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Landscape studies!

Here are a few plein air landscape studies.  I'm finding myself doing more landscape painting these days.  I'm also very grateful for the time that I was a part of the Hudson River Fellowship.  I'm finding the things I learned there are still working their way into my thoughts and process in my landscape painting.  I hope to start to do some larger landscape paintings from my studies in the future. 

Trial Island, 8x10, Oil on panel
Sunset, Mt Doug, 9x12, Oil on panel
De Courcy Island, 8x10 Oil on panel
Tree at De Courcy, Pencil and white pastel on gray paper
 Light Coming Through the Leaves, 9x12 Oil on panel
Mt Doug Looking North, 8x10 Oil on panel
Evening over Victoria, 8x10 Oil on panel
Garry Oaks 8x10 Oil on panel 2010
Pine Study, 12x9 Oil on panel 2009

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