Noah Layne

Monday, June 6, 2011

Some plein air paintings

Here are two recent plein air paintings and a small still life study.  The weather here in Victoria is finally starting to get warm making painting outdoors much more appealing. :)  The only problem with the warmer weather is that the lovely cold weather evening skies are now gone.

 Sunset study Swan Lake, Oil on canvas panel 8x10

Dallas Beach Study, Oil on canvas panel 10x8
The sun started to get lower and lower as I was painting making the reflections on the water brighter and brighter... I probably fried my retinas a bit, not good for ones career!

Oil on canvas panel 10x8
I was testing how much cobalt drier to use for a workshop I'm teaching later this summer.  Trying to find the right amount so the paint is dry the next day but not dry in two hours ;)

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