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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Portrait painting demo

Here are a few photos of the portrait painting I'm doing as a demo for my current oil portrait painting class.  I start each class demoing for around 30 minutes, talking about different things and showing things as I paint.  I think it's so important to demonstrate things when teaching art.  I think it's good for my students to see me work my way through a painting, see how I deal with different things that come up, small changes in the drawing,modeling form, etc. Then the students start to work on their paintings.  I come and help them as needed and work on my painting in between.  I try my best to give each student directions and ideas to help them get better with their drawing/painting.

Session One.  We started painting with no drawing, getting the big shapes, values down in paint.

Session Two.  Started to work with a full palette of colors.  I try to go over things with the general or local colors in this layer of paint but I do not try to finish anything here.

Session Three.  Now I start to finish things as I go over them.  I start by once again going over the area that I'm working on with a general color working dark to light.  Then I start to model the light as it plays across the form.  Working over wet paint makes it easier to model subtle transitions. 

I managed to paint the third paint layer over the part that is inside the blue line.  In the next class I'll work on his forehead, neck and shadow of his face.

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